Life Updates

Again and again I keep meaning to update this site and blog, but when I attempt it I become overwhelmed.

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve used this site as an outlet for my creativity and thoughts, and there’s a lot of reasons why. To simplify, I will list them below:


  • My father passes away
  • PAFA graduation with my BFA and Certificate in Painting
  • ASE PAFA Graduation show
  • Started an internship at an art appraisal and advisory firm
  • Started a weekend job at Borrelli’s Chestnut Hill Gallery as a Gallery Assistant
  • Moved back to Upper Darby into my childhood home/renting from my mother
  • Curated a PAFA Alumni Exhibition at Borrelli’s
  • Met my significant other
  • Covid-19 pandemic begins (world shuts down day after PAFA Alumni art opening)
  • Became pregnant with my daughter
  • Internship becomes a full time job as a Marketing & Communications Associate
  • Finally launch greeting card brand Plenilune Phl Pa Etsy Shop
  • Give birth and go on maternity leave
  • Return to work
  • Company I work for merges with UK based art advisory firm
  • Partner moves in
  • Leave weekend gallery job to free up time
  • Finish Plenilune Phl Website

Sad and wonderful things. An enormous amount of change that is difficult to summarize, but I intend on posting soon about some of these events, especially the art shows, due to wanting to share the amazing work, even if late.

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