Upper Darby, PA Education – Losing More than Future Tina Fey’s

May 2, 2012 There wasn’t much I enjoyed about school as a child. I was a depressed, scaredy kid that spent most of my time in my own head, reading, writing or drawing, but my schools were able to break down my inclination to introversion and provide me with creative outlets. I was lucky thatContinue reading “Upper Darby, PA Education – Losing More than Future Tina Fey’s”

Mourning on the Internet

The past weeks have been difficult. My former art history professor, Yates Evans, at the TCC Visual Arts Center, ended his life earlier this month. I don’t claim to have been especially close to the man, but he was my friend and I feel his loss. I can’t imagine the devastation his family and lifeContinue reading “Mourning on the Internet”